Why should I blog?

The Power of the Blog

Most business owners have a vague idea that blogging is important.  Everyone seems to have a blog, and most conversations about websites will eventually include the topic of blogging…but few actually understand the true power of the blog.

(If you’re not sure you even know what a blog is, check out our post ‘What is a blog?‘ to find out more!)

More than just a random collection of writings and musings, blogs can be powerful tools in a business’ marketing arsenal.  So what are the secret skills a blog can bring to your website?

Driving traffic

The internet is a busy place. With over 1 billion websites claiming space on the internet superhighway, trying to attract attention with your (tastefully done, but tiny) website can be virtually impossible.  So how can you get people to stop by your website – and hopefully stick around? Good question, right? First, they have to find you.

Visitors find your website by either typing in your name or website directly or through a search engine. People who type your name in directly all have one thing in common: they already know you.  Or at least, they’ve heard about you.  That’s half the battle, right there.  If they know who you are, chances are, they’ll at least check you out.  It’s the people who are searching that are more difficult to attract.  You have what they want – you just have to let them know, somehow.

Search engine optimization (which, frankly, sounds a bit like the snake oil of peddlers) gets stronger with every blog post you make.  Why? More content = more opportunities for keyword use.  More content = fresh, new traffic on your site.  More content = more reasons for your audience to head over to your site and see what’s going on.


Converts to leads

A potential client that spends time on your website is more likely to become a paying client if they are engaged by your content.  Your blogging can answer potential questions, demonstrate how to use a product and convert a browser into a buyer through integrated customer management systems.

Establishes authority

You know your business inside and out.  You’re an encyclopedia of knowledge (kids, if you don’t know what an encyclopedia is, ask your mother) about the products and services you offer.  Blogging gives you the opportunity to share your wisdom with the world, and can turn you into the go-to resource for your area of expertise.

Cultivates future returns

One of the most effective reasons for blogging is the power of the internet. It doesn’t have office hours, it provides consistent results and is easily accessible.  A blog post will continue to drive traffic (and clients) to your site long after you posted it, giving each post the potential for amazing ROI.