Born of an experienced copywriter with a fascination for numbers, Borrowed Eloquence formed to give clients a resource for their digital marketing. While providing copywriting services, our founder realized that many companies settle for packaged websites and boring (or non-existent) digital marketing out of desperation and frustration.

Putting together a team of expert writers, an award winning videographer and some techies who thrive on all things nerdy, Borrowed Eloquence has become a boutique digital marketing firm that works behind the scenes to help their clients succeed.

Determined to help companies bridge the gap between their marketing dreams and their budget, Borrowed Eloquence offers real solutions to clients of all sizes. If this is your first venture onto the world-wide-web, we can walk you through the process of choosing (and buying) a domain name and building your site. If you need a site revamp or simply want to add digital marketing to your existing marketing efforts, we’ll design a strategy that gives you exactly what you need.

We understand that business is built on relationships; we can’t help you build a relationship with your clients until we get to know you. That’s why we like to sit down with our clients and find out who they are and what they do. Based in the south, Borrowed Eloquence is a firm believer in the importance of discussing business over a glass of sweet tea. None of that fake packet sweetener around here – we like our tea with a healthy dose of sugar. Throw in some chips with homemade salsa and not only will we handle your digital marketing, we’ll be your friend.