What is blogging?

Before you can understand why blogging is important for your business, you need to have a good understanding of the blogging process.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a short piece posted on a website.  Unlike mommy blogging which seems to be all the rage, blogging for business is a completely different approach to writing.

Business blogging is typically centered around topics that relate to the business.  For example, a professional business may have postings about the specific aspects of their business, or may include professional growth information such as leadership development and other helpful topics.

It’s Not the Yellow Pages

Many business owners make the mistake of treating their company’s website like a digital yellow page ad. The pages provide contact information about the company, but not much else.  To maximize a website’s potential, however, the site needs to include more than static pages.

Blogging Provides Visibility

A website is useless as a marketing tool if no one can find it.  While people can simply type your web address into their browser, most people turn to a search engine to help them problem solve.  The results of an internet search are ‘ranked’.  Sites that have little new content, are not optimized for the things people may be looking for or are not generating much traffic will typically be given a lower ranking.

Want to improve your site’s visibility with search engines? Search engines look for a variety of factors when ‘ranking’ them for search results, including number of pages and frequency of updates or the addition of fresh, new material.

Blogging meets both of these needs.  Each new blog post is an additional page for search engines to find and index.  New and engaging content helps your site show up when people search for things related to your business.

It’s a pretty simple formula: the more you post, the better potential for search engine ranking.

Blogging Connects with People

It’s a proven fact: people don’t like to buy from a company, they like to buy from someone they can trust. Blogging allows companies to connect with clients (and potential clients) in an online discussion that can generate both leads and sales.  Done correctly, blogging opens the door for asking questions, responding to a challenge or simply sharing new information with readers.

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