Finding your place on the internet

‘Just google it’ has  become part of our everyday vernacular.  No matter the question, you can find the answer on the internet.   In almost every conversation with a new, prospective client, ‘Do you have a website?’ is sure to come up.

Maybe you set up your own website; one of those instant website packages that let you type in some simple information and your website is up and running within a few hours, and it’s ok, but you want more control and flexibility.

Maybe you want a more customized, polished website but aren’t ready to invest thousands of dollars into its creation.

Maybe you bought your domain name but never quite knew what to do with it, or maybe you’re tired of seeing  ‘Get a website’ on your To-Do list.

Borrowed Eloquence offers WordPress theme customization and development at an affordable rate, allowing you to get the website you need (and want) at a fraction of the cost of custom building.  With full customization options, your website can be mobile-ready, SEO optimized and ecommerce equipped quickly, allowing you to focus on running your business instead of trying to teach yourself web coding.

Once your site is built, we can help you manage your content, curate a newsletter list and keep your site fresh and engaging through social media and blogging.  Contact us today to discuss your website needs and find out how to start thinking of your website as your ’round the clock employee.