What is digital marketing?

Is digital marketing necessary?

Chances are good that you’re reading this on your smartphone. In fact, according to recent studies, nearly 34% of adults primarily use their phone to surf the internet and spend close to 2 hours a day on their phone.  With this number predicted to grow in the future, it makes sense for savvy businesses to develop a web presence that is more than just a digital billboard.

Digital marketing encompasses a broad spectrum of activity that can include social media engagement through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, email newsletters, blog postings and other customer engagements that happen with digital technologies. It can also include search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, mobile apps and a host of other efforts that reach potential clients wherever they spend time on the internet.

Imagine our surprise to discover a 2015 poll revealing that 50% of business owners have no digital marketing strategy or ‘just wing it’ when it comes to their digital marketing efforts.  Many business owners are uncertain how to navigate the relatively new arena of internet marketing and the confusing terminology used to describe ‘how to market in a digital age’ makes it difficult to establish a clear plan.

Effective digital marketing complements existing marketing, while opening the door for greater customer engagement and interaction. A customized, comprehensive plan to employ digital marketing with the goal of reaching, engaging and retaining customers allows you to select the methods that best meet your company’s needs and concentrate your efforts in the areas that will bring the largest returns.

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