Wait, I’m supposed to BLOG, too?

“I wrote about that on my blog!” has become a common phrase in today’s technology driven world.  It seems like everyone has a blog – and they are wondering why you don’t.

Blogging for business is a completely different approach to writing than the ‘mommy blogs’ that seem to be everywhere.  Engaging with both current and potential customers through a blog gives businesses a platform to dialogue about products, discuss the benefits of services, and create connections in ways that have never been possible before.

How often should you blog? What should you blog about? Who will actually write the blog? These are just a few of the questions that most businesses have when thinking about adding a blog to their website. Fortunately, Borrowed Eloquence can provide some answers.

Through our relationship building analysis, Borrowed Eloquence helps identify your target customer and adopts your company’s voice, enabling your blogging efforts to be an extension of your existing marketing.


With a customized blogging plan, Borrowed Eloquence will update your blog on a regular schedule, monitor and maintain customer engagement and provide you with analytics to determine the success of our efforts.