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We offer creative solutions to meet and exceed your digital marketing needs.

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Wading through ultra-techie lingo like SEO, blogging, digital marketing and hosting can be frustrating and foreign. At Borrowed Eloquence, we understand that navigating the internet can be intimidating. It sometimes …

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Wait, I’m supposed to BLOG, too?

“I wrote about that on my blog!” has become a common phrase in today’s technology driven world.  It seems like everyone has a blog – and they are wondering why …

Why should I blog?

The Power of the Blog Most business owners have a vague idea that blogging is important.  Everyone seems to have a blog, and most conversations about websites will eventually include …

What is blogging?

Before you can understand why blogging is important for your business, you need to have a good understanding of the blogging process. What is Blogging? Blogging is a short piece posted …